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Tram in front of Burgtheater,  Vienna/Austria

July 14-18, 2024

2024 IATBR Conference

DAVeMoS is hosting the 17th International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR) triennial conference in Vienna, on 14-18 July 2024. Further information can be found in here.    

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May 15, 2024

Seminar on spatial decision-making for sustainability

At this DAVeMoS' seminar, Professor Martin Raubal (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) talked about the importance of spatial and location based data and sensors for a better human-machine-interaction and also sustainable transport planning and evaluation. Further information can be found in here.    


May 2, 2024

Welcome to Johannes Brunner

Welcome to our new external PhD student, Johannes Brunner. His research will focus on evaluating, model and simulate the impacts of different urban space reclamation to the movements and interaction behaviours of different group of road users.    

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April 24, 2024

Seminar on food and caring for others in daily life: A time use, activities, and travel perspective

Professor Juan Antonio Carrasco (Universidad de Concepción, Chile) gave a talk about accessibility and impacts to one's time-use from access to food and mobility of care point of views, as a part of his guest professor lecture.Further information about the seminar can be found in here.    


April 8-9, 2024

Closing Symposium of Smarthubs project

Our SmartHubs project is closing with a two-day training workshop for PhD students and practitioners and symposium at the Technical University of Munich and then was followed by special sessions at mobilTUM2024 conference.    

Rental Bikes

February 12, 2024

Mobility hubs impacts on mobility patterns and behavioural change

Our SmartHubs' Deliverable 5.1 on Mobility Hubs impacts on mobility patterns and behavioural change has been finalised. The summary document can be found in here and the full report can be found in here.    


January 16, 2024

Welcome to Maximilian Panczyk

DAVeMoS welcomes Maximilian Panczyk, from the SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, who will staying with us for 6 months, to work with his thesis on the impacts of traffic and built environment to the cyclists' riding behaviour and cognitive loads, with our instrumented bicycle.    

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May 17, 2024

DAVeMoS Spring Newsletter 2024

DAVeMoS Spring Newsletter now is out with the English one can be found in here and the German one can be found in here.    


May 13, 2024

IATBR Newsletter 4

The fourth edition of IATBR News now is out. The issue focuses on decarbonising the carbonated transport industries. The newsletter can be found in here.    


April 30, 2024

The influence of app function evolution on transport SuperApp use behaviour over time

Focusing on Transport SuperApps (TSA) users in Indonesia, this study investigates how app usage behaviour interacts with the evolving functions of these apps over time. Longitudinal data on TSA usage from 2015–2022 was collected, and the influence of personality traits, socio-demographic factors, and residential location on app usage patterns were examined. Further information can be found in here.    


April 15, 2024

Welcome to Juan Antonio Carrasco

Very happy to have Juan Antonio Carrasco from the Universidad de Concepción, Chile, to be our guest professor. During his visit, he will teach about Data Analysis for Socially Sensitive Infrastructure Planning.    


March 7, 2024

Fatigue among Indonesian Freight-Train Drivers: A study utilizing eye blink duration and changes in facial expressions

This study examines the degree of fatigue among freight train drivers across three different shifts and two types of coal cars loading (empty vs. loaded). The results show that fatigue increased as a function of task duration, and more substantial levels of fatigue were observed during afternoon and evening shifts. Note that fatigue was also found to be associated with empty train cars. Further information can be found in here.    

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February 5, 2024

DREAMS project is kicked-off!

Today we kicked off our new project DREAMS: Driving Equitable and Accessible 15 Minute Neighbourhood Transformations. In this project we will experimenting with co-created and user-centric mobility services, mobility and flexible activity hubs (pop-up stores!) in the urban outskirts of six European cities and regions (Paris, Munich, Vienna, Utrecht, Brussels and Budapest). The kick-off meeting took place at L'Institut Paris Region, Paris.  


January 7-11, 2024

DAVeMoS at the 103rd US TRB Annual Meeting

DAVeMoS team gave 1 podium, 4 posters, and 1 sub-commitee meeting presentations at the 103rd US TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, USA. US TRB is the largest transport conference in the world, and we presented our results on DRT analysis in rural area, SmartHubs project, children cognitive loads during active travel, return on-line shopping behaviours in the US, and the impacts of super-apps-use to time use in Indonesia.    


May 16, 2024

Goodbye to Alex

Today we say goodbye to Alex Rossolov who will move to Dalhousie University, Canada. Alex joined us just after the war broke in Ukraine and has been an important member of the group. We will miss you !    


May 9, 2024

Dynamic demand patterns in the profit
optimisation of bike-sharing station locations

This study employs the MATSim agent-based simulation model to
analyse bike-sharing station locations by examining dynamic trip
flows and individual behavioural changes. A protocol was established to evaluate different station
configurations’ impact on profitability and demand. Further information can be found in here.    


April 29, 2024

Transtheoretical model of change on the customer journey of Transport-SuperApp users

This study utilises the modified Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTMC) to investigate the levels of adoption of transport-multi-function apps or Transport-SuperApp (TSA) and also examine the influence of users’ personality, socio-demographic factors, residential location, perceived built environment, and motivations of use. Further information can be found in here.

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April 10-12, 2024

DAVeMoS at mobilTUM 2024 conference

Oliver Roider and Roxani Gkavra presented our SmartHubs project's findings on the impact of democratic integration and micromobility users behaviours at mobilTUM 2024 conference in Munich, Germany.


March 4, 2024

Welcome to Franz-Xaver Rupprecht !

We welcome Franz-Xaver Rupprecht who joined DAVeMoS' agent-based model to further enhance the capability of our Vienna MATSim framework.

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January 25, 2024


Our 2023/2024 DAVeMoS Day was held on 25 January 2024. On this day nine recent DAVeMoS' research ouputs. The event was well attended. The list of the presented research can be found in here.    

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