It is a BMK endowed research group on "Automation and Digitalisation“, led by an endowed Professor, with the aim of:

  • to create a solid evidence base at system level,

  • to identify suitable framework conditions from a societal point of view,

  • to promote the implementation of mobility solutions and technologies,


… in Digitalisation and Automation in transport and mobility system.

Research Missions

The professorship and its research group will carry out research on the user needs and societal impacts of digitalised and automated mobility as a crucial factor influencing the market penetration of these technologies.

Building on this knowledge, the group shall adjust and/or develop existing planning methods and models that enable the development and assessment of policy measures and developments in digitisation and automation. These form the basis for recommendations for solutions to set framework conditions for digital and automated mobility that ensure the achievement of sustainability goals.

DAVeMoS covers both the mobility of people and goods as well as road and rail transport, individual and public transport and is also taking into account rural and urban areas.

DAVeMoS is hosted by the Institute for Transport Studies of BOKU Vienna, and the list of active projects can be found in here.


Teaching Missions

Together with other BOKU institutions and centres, DAVeMoS will serve as a catalyst of research and education exchange and as a collaboration platform in order to ensure the integration of the results of the scientific activity into teaching.

Currently DAVeMoS team member actively participate in delivering teaching within the Institute for Transport Studies, which list of course can be found in here

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