Shahnaz Nabila Fuady


Yusfita Chrisnawati


Shun Su

Research Assistant/PhD student

Roxani Gkavra

Research Assistant/PhD student

Yusak Susilo

Head of the DAVeMoS research group

Oliver Roider

Senior Scientist

Roman Klementschitz

Senior Scientist

Gunnar Flötteröd

Visiting Scholar

Martyna Bogacz

Postdoctoral Researcher

Anugrah Ilahi

Postdoctoral Researcher

Student Support Staff

Current active master students include:

  • Lukas Birgfellner (on the paradox of automated transport systems)

  • Andreas Bedov (on revisiting mobility solutions for Südburgenland), in collaboration with Südburgerland Plus

  • Zsofia Szalai (on the elderly well-being and the role of digitalisation during Covid-19 period)

  • Natascha Debes (on mapping different stages and processes of automated bus implementation in different part of the world)

  • Sophie Wegscheider (on the impacts of rural road characteristics to the energy consumption of an automated bus operation), in collaboration with Digibus Austria and EasyMile.

  • Eva-Maria Unger (on Digital infrastructures for traffic management in cities), in collaboration with the City of Vienna.

Externally co- supervised PhD students:


  • Esther Chee Pei Nen (KTH/NTU Singapore)

  • Robin Palmberg (KTH ITRL)

  • Ilyas Bandugupirah Alhassan (ITS, Leeds University)

  • Bhavana Vadadi (KTH ITRL)


Graduated supervised students: (since Oct 2019)

  • Carl May (M.Sc. (KTH/TUM), May 2020 )

  • Isak Rubensson (PhD (KTH), January 2020)


  • Vera Baltzarek (2019-2020)

  • Michael Skok (2020-2020)

Further information on the external co-supervised PhD students can be found in here

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