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Time-use, Activity Participation, and Well-being

This work focuses on how the individual time-use changes overtime and how the dynamic time-space prims influence individual decisions and well-being overtime.

Our time-use and well-being are spread across 3 multiday time-use datasets, i.e. a continuous 1-3 weeks time use diary dataset from Bandung and Malang cities (Indonesia) of almost 400-800 people, each, and a multi-wave time-use diary which has been collected by IVe since September 2019 in Austria, across 500 respondents. In particular for the later dataset, IVe (the institute of transport studies) have been collecting a multi-wave time-use diary, which coincide with COVID-19 pandemic. The first wave was collected between 09.19 - 03.20 and the second wave was 03.20 - 08.20. DAVeMoS is contributing to hold the 3rd wave which is expected to take place some time in early summer 2021. Further information of this dataset can be seen at:

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