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Smart Mobility Hubs as Game Changers in Transport

The SmartHubs project examines whether a co-designed, user-centric development can enable mobility hubs to act as a game changer towards inclusive sustainable urban mobility and accessibility.

SmartHubs project develops and applies novel participatory and impact assessment tools like (i) an open accessibility tool involving inputs from individual citizens to examine the local accessibility impacts of mobility hubs, (ii) an accessibility network analysis and resilience tool to examine the impacts of mobility hubs on transport network resilience, (iii) a multi-actor multicriteria analysis method to involve individual citizens and (iv) tangible augmented reality technologies and gamification and user experience (UX) approaches to facilitate co-creation processes of mobility hub design.
This project goes beyond the current state of the art conducting rigorous research on a broad range of mobility, accessibility, vulnerability, resilience and societal impacts of mobility hubs, including vulnerable to exclusion population segments such as low-income, digitally limited skilled, female citizens and refugees. The project is funded via ERANET JPI Urban Europe scheme, further information can be found in here:

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